Homemade Jerky and Sausages

When you are ready to find out why folks around here say we have the best jerky in Monroe County, you should visit us at Lee’s Market Inc. We have a range of meats and flavors to choose from, including the following NEW flavors: maple jalapeno, honey BBQ, black pepper and garlic, and sweet and hot.

We also offer amazing snack sticks in a variety of unique flavors including beef, beef with cheddar cheese, venison, venison with cheddar cheese, hot venison, and hot venison with cheddar cheese.

Tantalizing beef jerky flavors:
  • Hot

  • Teriyaki

  • BBQ

  • Spicy BBQ

  • Sweet

  • NEW Maple Jalapeno

  • NEW Honey BBQ

  • NEW Black pepper and garlic

  • Sweet and hot

  • And more!

Unique meats to choose from:
  • Chicken

  • Turkey; regular and hot

  • Pork

  • Buffalo

  • Elk

  • Venison

  • Kangaroo

We offer so much more than amazing jerky!

Be sure to check out this website for everything you need to plan celebrations; including tents and canopies, tables and chairs, catering, beverage dispensers, grills and pig cookers and even portable restrooms!